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Checking in

Hello all, I haven’t quite fallen off the face of the planet. Mostly I’ve been knee-deep in revising TWFF and I’m pleased to say that the end is in sight! It’s changed so much since that inkling of an idea I had over a year ago now, but I know there will still be work to do even when this draft is completed.

I have a few days off in early August, just after the bank holiday weekend, so I’m thinking of going down the country and booking myself into a hotel for a crazy writing holiday to get to the end of the draft. I’ve never gone on a break solely for the sake of writing, so it should be interesting, not to mention exciting since I’ll be close to the end of the draft. I’m really looking forward to it.

Other than that, life is not very exciting. You’d hardly think it’s summer right now with the constant rain we’ve been getting for the past few weeks. On the other hand, considering the country I live in I shouldn’t really be surprised.

Revisions, Those Who Favour Fire

On weather and demons

Today is a good day, so far. While the weather is unseasonably high–it was 20 degrees celsius before 11am; I was actually warm while waiting for my tram to work at 8am–the writing is going well. I tackled part of a new scene from Chapter Three at lunch, and I think I may be on to a winner. I’ve been struggling with the characterisation of one of my supporting characters and rewrote the first scene between her and my MC about five times in the past year. Today, I think I stumbled on the exact way to highlight what should hopefully be the reader’s first impression of her. I’m so happy I could dance!

In other news, I also downloaded a 30 day trial of Scrivener last night, and so far I’m quite impressed. It’s a lot faster than Word and as of yet hasn’t made my (rapidly approaching middle-age) Macbook groan and stall. I’ll know for sure in the next week or so, but I think I’ll be shelling out to be a license for it!

(Today is also the release day for Sarah Rees Brennan’s YA debut The Demon’s Lexicon! I had the luck of getting an ARC of this (one of the benefits of working in a bookstore and being able to pester reps!) and to meet Sarah herself, who is lovely. This is definitely one of my top reads of 2009: witty, dark and extremely moving, with characters that stayed with me for a long time after finishing it. If you can, definitely get your hands on this one.)

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Summer weather?

Eek, once again I sort of disappeared from here for several months! Unintentional, I assure you. Right now I am deep in the second draft of TWFF with a deadline for the end of June. This is a deadline I have to stick to as one of my readers is heading to Thailand for seven weeks at the end of next month, and she’s hoping to either read the draft before she goes or to take it with her.

I recently returned from a trip to New York; my first cross-Atlantic trip, in fact. I may have ransacked the YA sections of many bookstores while I was there. I came back with twenty-six books, but, as I was underweight, I could have bought more. I’m starting to make my way through them, but taking my time of course.

So far we seem to be getting an actual summer, if only for a little while. I think it’s time to start contemplating writing outside in the garden with a cool drink. It’s still bright on my home from work after evening shifts, warm enough that I don’t need a coat–perfect thinking time. While I’m not a fan of summer, preferring pleasant spring days, I love summer evenings and how they make me relaxed and contemplative.

I’m hoping to start querying TWFF possibly in late summer or early autumn, but we’ll see. I think there’s still a draft or two to go; there’s no point in overthinking it until I get some reader feedback.

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Writing musings

Eek, yes, I sort of forgot about this place a little. Oops. Anyway, I hope everyone had a wonderful winter holiday of their choice and new year. Mine was lovely, and I entered 2009 determined that this would be the year I got TWFF up to a querying polish and actually started to query agents.

I rambled talked about the book with a couple of writer friends who helpfully pointed out some loop holes and plot problems which I’m in the middle of fixing. I’m hopeful that I can get it into proper shape and make a real go of it.

Other than that, life is pretty boring. I’ve recently become obsessed with the Gilmore Girls and am steadily making my way through the series. And I’ve been reading a lot, but that’s not very unusual.

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When life overlaps with fiction…

I fully admit I haven’t updated in a while. *waves hand sheepishly* Unfortunately, my life hasn’t been very exciting! Writing is still happening, though some unexpected twists on the life road have thrown my self-made deadline to the curb a little bit. I am almost a quarter of the way through TWFF. The second draft of CR will begin on September/October when my thesis will finally be submitted.

I’m very excited about TWFF–it’s been a long time since I’ve had such a teen-focused story to work on, and it’s brought back many memories from my own teen years (some good and others bad, of course). It’s also unintentionally touching on some things I’ve been experiencing for the last few years, and this in itself is a very strange feeling. I haven’t unexpectedly borrowed so freely from my own life for my writing before and, while this is good, weaving it into the story without readers stopping and realising I’m talking directly to them though the characters, whether deliberate or not, will be a challenge. But it’s one I’m up for, I think. 🙂

Anyway, I’ve been making very good writing progress for the past few days, so I think I better get back to it.

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Those Who Favour Fire

I’ve been meaning to mention this for a while–I’ve been working on a YA fantasy concerning female werewolves for a while (working title: THOSE WHO FAVOUR FIRE). It’s going well, and it’s nice to have something completely different to work on when the fantasy novel is driving me up the wall. I’m hoping to eventually query it as well, when the time comes (fingers crossed). I’m enjoying it a lot, and it’s more than nice to have something where not as many expectations, so to speak, are placed upon it.