(current as of January 2022)

Will there be a sequel to QUEEN OF COIN AND WHISPERS?

Yes! Daughter of Winter and Twilight will be published in 2023. Set 14 years after Queen of Coin and Whispers, it focuses on Emri, Lia and Xania’s daughter and heir. Lady Winter has returned, believed nothing more than a myth, and furious that devotion to her has weakened. To protect those she loves, Emri must win the goddess’s terrible challenge.

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on Daughter of Winter and Twilight and will be getting edits soon, and I’m also working on an adult novel to get ready for submission with my agent.

Who is your agent?

My agent is Eric Smith of P.S. Literary.

Do you do events?

I do some events, as my day job allows, usually school events and festival or launch events (all online currently). Please email to discuss details, including my fee.

Can you read my novel?

Due to my day job and my own writing, I’m unable to read other people’s work.

Can I ask you about writing or something about QUEEN/the sequel/world-building or background information?

Your best bet is to ask me through my Tumblr; I check it frequently, can answer faster than through email, and it will let you ask me something anonymously if you’d prefer that option.