(YA Fantasy)

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Eighteen-year-old Lia won’t mourn her uncle. The idiot’s left her a bankrupt kingdom considered easy pickings by its neighbours. She’s sworn to be a better ruler, but loyalty is bought and lost with coin she doesn’t have. If she wants to push through her reforms, she needs to beat the Court at its own manipulation games.

Xania is biding her time. For years, she’s been building the skills to uncover the vile person who murdered her father. The change in power provides her with the perfect opportunity to act when the Queen gives her a choice: become Lia’s new spymaster, with the full force of royal power to fuel her vengeance, or take a one way trip to the executioner’s axe. It’s an easy decision.

When Lia and Xania fall for each other, their love complicates Lia’s responsibility to marry for an heir, and threatens Xania’s precarious Court status. As they’re drawn together amid a deluge of royal suitors and new diplomats, they uncover treason that could not only end Lia’s reign, but ruin their weakened country. As Lia realises it’s easier to rule through cruelty than kindness, Xania must decide if she can accept the darker aspects of loving a queen. They’re not only in danger of turning into people they despise: they must now decide how much they’re willing to sacrifice for each other.


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