Breath like cloud puffs

Winter has suddenly dropped without warning. It’s gone from reasonable autumn temperatures to feeling like December. I had to dig out my winter coat and scarf, and I have to buy a new hat and set of gloves as, in keeping with my yearly winter tradition, I somehow lost last year’s set. Heh.

I was walking to the tram on my way to work this morning and my breath was forming little cloud puffs on the air. The air felt cool and crisp, and it seemed like Christmas was just around the corner. Things have changed a lot since this time last year, some good and some bad. I think I like the person I am now a lot more. I hope.

The book has gone past 30,000 words.

At least the weather is suiting my writing mood; I am heading towards the uphill slope that leads to the climax and the plunge down. The weather is also cold and frozen in this part of the book, and I can honestly say that right now I’m writing exactly what I’m feeling. 🙂

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