Rain check post

This is brief zoom-by post to say A LOT has changed since I last updated!

I read a lot of books…

Watched a lot of TV…

…and signed with a literary agent (Hi, Eric!) and sold THE QUEEN OF COIN AND WHISPERS!

I’m sprucing up the place a bit (forgive the mess), and will be back with longer explanations of all that’s happened!


I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost (or: “I Can Think of Seven Good Uses for a Cadaver TODAY!”)

Here’s a secret: I wasn’t in love with the original Ghostbusters as a kid.

I was more of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles kind of girl. Or a retelling of The Three Musketeers as dogs. Transformers. My Little Pony. Captain Planet. Or a retelling of Treasure Island as animals.  (Are you sensing a theme?) I first watched it on TV, and saw it every so often when it was repeated. I definitely remember watching the cartoon.

But I wasn’t in love, definitely not obsessed, and I was obsessed with enough things as a kid to recognise this.

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PPWC 2016

I once again braved airports and jet lag to return to Colorado to see my Critique Group of Awesome and attend the Pikes Peak Writers’ Conference. And once again, it was worth it despite the stress of air travel and waking up ridiculously early because of my internal clock.

There were several stand-outs this year. Carol Berg helped me fall in love with fantasy and world-building all over again. And Rachel Caine showed the necessity of butt-in-chair (“Creativity is not your master; creativity is your bitch.”) and treating writing like the job it truly is, while still remembering how wonderful and fun it can be (writing break dance parties!). Both of them were also incredible to talk to and had so much appreciated advice.

Angie Hodapp and Warren Hammond also had a brilliant session on knowing when and where to expand and contract in a manuscript. They are great people and an amazing team, and we all agreed their session could easily have been one of the three-hour workshops in the prequel Thursday.

I was much more relaxed about talking to people this year, now knowing what to expect (and already having some embarrassing experiences last year and surviving them). Writers are amazing people, and PPWC attracts funny, generous, and enthusiastic people. There’s always something to talk about whether writing, books, TV shows, or films. And when in doubt, there’s also card games in the lobby during the evening. 🙂

(I also came over a day early this year, to give myself extra time for adjusting to the time difference and altitude, along with giving myself a day to recover before flying back to Dublin. It was one of the best decisions I made for myself.)

Above all, I realised yet again how amazing my critique group is. Not just in terms of their writing and talent, but in terms of being wonderful people. We carved out pockets of time where we hung out and debriefed, brainstormed (I needed a new title), or just spent time talking before dinner. While only about half of us attended PPWC this year, the power of Google Hangouts mean we always get to stay in contact with each other.

I can’t wait to see them all again next year. And while PPWC16 was a personal and professional success for me (I’ll be doing a separate post on what I learned about verbal pitching), I gave myself a few days to recover from jet lag (again) before checking briefly back into the Revisionland Hotel to get the last couple of things done on the book. The end is now in sight, so I can soon nudge THE QUEEN OF COIN AND WHISPERS out into the world!

Above all, it was confirmed at PPWC to keep writing. If not this book, then the next one. We’re writers. We write. And there always needs to be another idea, another book.


This year’s photo: our critique group with authors Rachel Caine (left) and Carol Berg (middle right). I’m the one laughing. I think I thought the photos were done.

Pikes Peak Writers Conference

So, a little later than expected, but I’m finally posting about my trip to Colorado for the Pikes Peak Writers Conference.

if you can manage it, go to this conference. DO IT DO IT DO IT!

A year ago, my friend David told me he was attending PPWC and said me it would likely be my thing, but due to timing and uncertainty over housemates and leases, I couldn’t commit to it. After he attended, he informed me I had to attend in 2015. I trust his opinion, so I agreed!

Fast forward to May 2015, and it’s my turn to pass it on: you have to attend in 2016. (Assuming circumstances allow, naturally.)

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PPWC + Deeprose

So… long time, no see?

Since I last posted, I have been knee deep in words words words that I eventually strung together into a first draft. It involves a Queen, her female spymaster, politics, and kissing. I’m a little fond of it. 😉

It’s (currently) called DEEPROSE:

An idealistic Queen and her vengeance-obsessed female spymaster fall for each other and must decide if achieving their ambitions is worth turning into people they despise.

(I also affectionately refer to it as my ‘ladies who fancy the dresses off each other’ book.)

Along with popping up with a book as evidence of my continued existence, this time two weeks from now, I will be in the US! In Colorado Springs, to be precise, attending the 2015 Pikes Peak Writers Conference. This came to my attention last year when a friend said he would be attending and asked if I was interested. I wasn’t able to go (travelling across the pond would be much easier if teleportation already existed, thanks very much, and the planet would agree), but following his glowing recommendation and assurances he’d be returning, I vowed I’d get there in 2015.

I’ll be the Irish one with the very professional Doctor Who shoulder bag.

(Nope, it’s not bigger in the inside.)


Hello all,

As you can see by the rather long blog silence here, I have been, well, silent on the blog. I’m currently reevaluating what I want to do with this blog. (I’ve been considering using my tumblr instead, but my tumblr mostly consists of reblogging pretty things and people’s opinions on shows I follow. It’s hard to converse on it. On the other hand… everyone likes seeing pretty things, surely?)

So, for the time being, there will continue to be silence here, but I’m active on Twitter at @hcor while I attempt to figure out the Matter of the Blog.


Hello all!

In a brief Helen-catches-up-the-internet post:

  • I was in the US earlier this month! I went with my lovely friend and critique partner Corinne to Boston for a few days, with a (blink and you’ll miss it) day dash to NYC! It was a great trip (with a lot of food; always important), but it turned a bit… snow-shaped (for this Irish girl, VERY snow-shaped). That said, Boston looks wonderful in the snow and I returned with some books. You can read Corinne’s blog about it here, and I’ve included photos here about the two basic points–weather, and food:

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