I’m breaking my revision-induced blog silence with some good news!

My friend, and critique partner, Corinne recently had some news. Then some more.Needless to say, it was all a bit exciting.

When I think of OTHERBOUND (the book formerly known as BLINK,) two things immediately pop up: looking up the role of different cats in WWII (I have no idea why; I think something came up on my Twitter feed and then I started googling out of interest) while Corinne was sending me the beginning of what would eventually become OTHERBOUND. I have a distinct memory of sitting in Starbucks over a year ago, on a grey overcast day after rain, reading about Simon the tuxedo cat on HMS Amethyst and then opening OTHERBOUND’s beginning to read it.

The second is being on a train to a monkey zoo with Corinne, staring at OTHERBOUND condensed onto virtual notecards and hoping I would eventually say something sensible in regards to the pacing issues we were attempting to fix. It ended up with us wandering around the zoo (a spider monkey climbed onto our backpacks. It was awesome. I wanted to bring it home with me, except I don’t think customs would have approved, nor would the monkey be too impressed with Ireland) and me saying variations of “I hate your book’s pacing.” (I admit, when her agent referred to OTHERBOUND as “fast paced“, I fist-punched the air in victory. You know, like I’m the sole reason for that, or something.)

OTHERBOUND is special. It has characters of colour, disabled characters, and queer characters (of which I felt like the personal cheerleader for at times, even if it was mostly in my own head). It has a character who sits down to dinner with his family and cares about his sister, with whom he has actual conversations. It addresses things that aren’t addressed a whole lot in YA fiction. And it has enough twists to make your head spin.

The problem with being a CP is that once that aspect of a book is done, there’s not a whole lot left in your control except to keep having faith. So when I heard that OTHERBOUND had sold, and it wasn’t going to be shelved after all, I was in the middle of a busy Dublin street. And I screamed at my phone. I would have jumped up and down, but I have some dignity, thank you. Even now, when I’m talking to Corinne, it’ll hit me that OTHERBOUND is going to be a book. With pages, and a cover, and an ISBN of its own. (I’m a bookseller. These are the things I think about.) It makes the frightening search results that pop up with you type search ‘BLINK’ in my inbox worth it. 😉

So if you like the thoughts of a book involving lying liars who lie people who keep secrets, and people being loyal to each other, and girls kissing other girls (like I said, cheerleader even if in my head), and a whole lot of characters running for their lives, you should pick OTHERBOUND up in 2014.

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