Hello all!

In a brief Helen-catches-up-the-internet post:

  • I was in the US earlier this month! I went with my lovely friend and critique partner Corinne to Boston for a few days, with a (blink and you’ll miss it) day dash to NYC! It was a great trip (with a lot of food; always important), but it turned a bit… snow-shaped (for this Irish girl, VERY snow-shaped). That said, Boston looks wonderful in the snow and I returned with some books. You can read Corinne’s blog about it here, and I’ve included photos here about the two basic points–weather, and food:


Boston looking lovely in the snow.


In the process of devouring dessert. Mmm.

  • While we were in our very quick trip to NYC, I got to see Sleep No More again, dragging Corinne along for her first time. I regret nothing! I saw some new things this time and did a lot more poking around on my own. If you’re ever in NYC and have a chance to go, do it, absolutely.
  • Ireland and the UK recently celebrated World Book Day! I had a bunch of authors in for events at my Job-Involving-Selling-Books. (One event even involved a table breaking, it was that intense. No side-eyeing David Maybury at all, nope. ;))
  • Like everyone else, I recently read GONE GIRL. I seemed to have had an unusual reaction to most of my co-workers, and others I know who’ve read it, in that I was terrified by the end. Full on, sitting on my couch and frozen from terror. It’s a very clever and well-plotted book. And very scary.
  • I am currently reading WOLF HALL now (I know, I’m on a bit of an adult book reading binge right now). Am completely sucked in and zooming through the pages, which I wasn’t expecting from the size of it.

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