PPWC + Deeprose

So… long time, no see?

Since I last posted, I have been knee deep in words words words that I eventually strung together into a first draft. It involves a Queen, her female spymaster, politics, and kissing. I’m a little fond of it. 😉

It’s (currently) called DEEPROSE:

An idealistic Queen and her vengeance-obsessed female spymaster fall for each other and must decide if achieving their ambitions is worth turning into people they despise.

(I also affectionately refer to it as my ‘ladies who fancy the dresses off each other’ book.)

Along with popping up with a book as evidence of my continued existence, this time two weeks from now, I will be in the US! In Colorado Springs, to be precise, attending the 2015 Pikes Peak Writers Conference. This came to my attention last year when a friend said he would be attending and asked if I was interested. I wasn’t able to go (travelling across the pond would be much easier if teleportation already existed, thanks very much, and the planet would agree), but following his glowing recommendation and assurances he’d be returning, I vowed I’d get there in 2015.

I’ll be the Irish one with the very professional Doctor Who shoulder bag.

(Nope, it’s not bigger in the inside.)

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