Losing my mind a little…

My thesis has to be written, edited, printed and bound by the 21st September. 17,000 words, hardly a medium-sized drop in the ocean in terms of a book. And yet, I’m freaking out a little. Unlike this time last year, however, I have tricks up my sleeve, the best of which is to spend all of my days off in the library. The one good thing about being a postgrad student is that no undergrads are using the reading room in the library at this time of year.

(For anyone interested, my thesis is about women, gender and sexuality in His Dark Materials and The Chronicles of Narnia. It’ll be awesome! When it’s done.)

Unfortunately, I’ve also just moved into a new house, so I’m trying to get to know my flatmates without spending all of my time in my room, frantically reading. And I’m trying to get my partner’s birthday present done in time. And I’m going on holiday to spend time with said partner on the 22nd September (hence my self-imposed deadline–the real deadline isn’t until 30th September). Ergo, I’m not having a lot of time to actually relax and such right now. In an effort to stop myself from going completely insane, I’ve allowed myself to do some non-thesis reading and write a couple of hundred words on TWFF every few evenings. As much as I hate it, the thesis has to take top priority (apart from work, obviously).

See you on the other side–there will be some serious celebrating on October 1st!

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