The weather has been wretched for the past week or so–our snow is now turning into slush–which put a slight cramp in my writing (taking the laptop outside and potentially slipping would have had… unfortunate results). I have now learned that I can’t make much progress when my housemates are in the house–there are too many distractions not even including the internet.

But now the pavements are no longer deathtraps, so I have been ensconced with my laptop in coffee shops once more! I have also reached all the drama and horrible stuff that leads to the climax, which is all very exciting and means I keep trying to write just a little bit longer. If I manage to write insanely over the next few days, I may even be finished the third draft by Sunday. If not, I will definitely be finished by next week. I can hardly believe it. In some ways, it’s quite terrifying because this will be the draft that people will read and offer opinions on.

And now, in fact, I am off to write some more! I love the happy, dizzy feeling that accompanies nearing the end of a draft.

3 thoughts on “Yay!”

  1. Oh glad everything is going well, and you survived ‘the BIG freeze’ – i almost killed myself a few times with those icy paths!

    I know what you mean about the internet, its terriable how addicted i am to it, and its such a time (and writing) killer lol.

    1. It was absolute madness! Having to trudge to work under those conditions wasn’t pleasant by any means. It has to be bad when people are skidding left, right and centre on Grafton Street.

      I used to do really well with my word counts in Starbucks until they brought in the free wifi, so now I have to clench my teeth and ignore that it’s there, just at my fingertips. Argh. And yet I couldn’t imagine my life without the internet, time suck thought it may be, haha.

      (And thank you for commenting!)

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