Post-NYC placeholder

I was going to make this post this time last week, but thanks to a volcano, I wasn’t sure I’d be travelling.

I’m just back from six days in New York City, where I attended the Backspace Conference, met a lot of awesome writers, and bought many, many books. (Many.)

This was part of the conversation between the taxi driver and me at Dublin Airport:

TAXI DRIVER: *while lifting my suitcase into the car* If this is full of money, you are the richest person I know.

ME: It’s… books. *sheepish look*

(upon learning I work in a bookshop)

TAXI DRIVER: Wait, you work in a bookshop, and you went to NYC and brought back a suitcase of books?

ME: Let me explain US and UK book rights to you…


I have a proper post about the conference coming up, but for now I wanted to say: I went to NYC, yay! I met some great people, yay! I bought so many books, yay!


2 thoughts on “Post-NYC placeholder

  1. Clearly that taxi driver doesn’t understand how Book People think…

    And going to New York for a book conference sounds awesome! A friend of mine went to BEA , which sounds like it was great (if a bit exhausting). Hopefully next year I’ll be able to join in on all this transatlantic fun.

    • Indeed not! There can never be too many books… except for, well, the space issues. *coughs*

      It was really good, my proper post is almost ready to go. It was incredibly exhausting, but worth it. And Donald Maass was great (and really funny!). Everyone came out with a burning desire to revise the hell out of anything. I’d definitely attend again.

      One day, one day, I will get to BEA. The ARCs, oh, the ARCs. I know a few authors who did promo during it, and their schedules were insane.

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