Post-NYC placeholder

I was going to make this post this time last week, but thanks to a volcano, I wasn’t sure I’d be travelling.

I’m just back from six days in New York City, where I attended the Backspace Conference, met a lot of awesome writers, and bought many, many books. (Many.)

This was part of the conversation between the taxi driver and me at Dublin Airport:

TAXI DRIVER: *while lifting my suitcase into the car* If this is full of money, you are the richest person I know.

ME: It’s… books. *sheepish look*

(upon learning I work in a bookshop)

TAXI DRIVER: Wait, you work in a bookshop, and you went to NYC and brought back a suitcase of books?

ME: Let me explain US and UK book rights to you…


I have a proper post about the conference coming up, but for now I wanted to say: I went to NYC, yay! I met some great people, yay! I bought so many books, yay!

2 thoughts on “Post-NYC placeholder”

  1. Clearly that taxi driver doesn’t understand how Book People think…

    And going to New York for a book conference sounds awesome! A friend of mine went to BEA , which sounds like it was great (if a bit exhausting). Hopefully next year I’ll be able to join in on all this transatlantic fun.

    1. Indeed not! There can never be too many books… except for, well, the space issues. *coughs*

      It was really good, my proper post is almost ready to go. It was incredibly exhausting, but worth it. And Donald Maass was great (and really funny!). Everyone came out with a burning desire to revise the hell out of anything. I’d definitely attend again.

      One day, one day, I will get to BEA. The ARCs, oh, the ARCs. I know a few authors who did promo during it, and their schedules were insane.

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