Yanking off the dust covers.


It’s been… er, quite a while. One could say. Yes, let’s be honest, it’s been months. It wasn’t intentional. 2012 started off hectic and a tad alarmingly, and I kept wanting to update. Then everything slipped out of control, and I kept staring into the void of weeks gone unnoticed on the blog and wondered where to start.

But I need to get back into a regular blogging habit, so I finally decided to go for it and hope for the best.

2012 has been hectic, but not without its good points. I’ve read books and revised a lot of words (almost ready to start submitting again). During March, I met Corinne in Amsterdam, who is wonderful and fed me a lot. Then I went on a writing retreat to Galway in May with the equally wonderful Eleanor and Alex. We wrote a lot and walked a lot. I’m hoping to have posts about those two trips up soon, and attempt to sort out some coherent words about some of the fantastic books I’ve read so far this year.

(And hopefully the next post won’t show up seven months from now.)

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